Our Community

We are incredible fortunate to be located in the picturesque seaside village of Narrawong. The township is between Warrnambool and Portland and is growing in size as more people discover the joys of our local environment. We are close to wonderful beaches, the coastal reserve, Surry River, parks and cultural centres. 



The following will provide some extra information about school operations:

Uniform orders

Most items of our school uniform are purchased from the school office, including t shirts, jumpers, jackets, hats and school bags. Other items- school dresses (navy blue and white check), pants (navy blue) and shorts (navy blue) are purchased from shops such as Target or Best and Less. Our school colours are navy blue and teal. Please see the display at the office if you have any questions about this.


School Council

At NDPS we have an active School Council. School Councillors meet approximately eight times a year and are involved in lots of governance issues. We work together on budget, data analysis, buildings and grounds issues, and whole school improvement. We review performance annually, approve Annual Reports and create Annual Implementation Plans to guide future activities. Our parents work hard to achieve great things for our school and we welcome any participation. 


Parent Workshops

Sessions are held throughout the year to inform parents of our directions in educational practice at school and how parents can assist their children at home. Topics include almost all aspects of school life; Curriculum & Assessment, Structured Literacy, Parent Helpers, Numeracy, The Chaplaincy Program, and Student Wellbeing. We develop these sessions based upon community needs, so if you’d like something else, please let us know. 

We encourage an “Open Door” policy and our school community are welcomed into classrooms. Feel free to pop in and have a chat. If you think your conversation will require a bit longer, we can schedule an after or before school meeting. We encourage parents to engage in regular discussion and we welcome questions from parents as they arise. 



Port covid we are delighted to welcome volunteers into our school.

We have developed an induction pack to ensure Narrawong District Primary School volunteers are familiar with our policies and procedures relating to child safety and understand the important role they play in maintaining and promoting the safety of our students. A volunteer is expected to comply with any reasonable direction of a principal (or their nominee). This will include the requirement to agree and abide by the school’s child safety policy or statement of commitment to child safety and the school’s child safety code of conduct. Volunteers add a great deal to our school and we hope to minimise interruptions to normal daily programs through focused volunteering tasks.  If a volunteer does not follow a reasonable direction from a principal or nominee, the volunteer arrangement can be ended and/or they can be required to leave the school premises.

Volunteers will be inducted, trained and supervised according to the school’s procedures for staff or volunteer induction and management. This includes being familiar with school level procedures for identifying and reporting suspected child abuse.

Volunteer Induction


Induction materials – volunteers must read

Volunteers must read the suite of policies and procedures before commencing any work where children are likely to be present. These are available from the school office.