Narrawong District Primary School is committed to quality explicit numeracy instruction F- Grade 6 led by the Big Ideas. Student learning is facilitated, extended and individualised. We use a variety of approaches inspired by the concepts of The Big Ideas and work of Di Siemon (The Big Ideas in Number). Students are encouraged to utelise a range of strategies to develop their mathematical understandings, with various resources provided to meet needs. 

In 2023 we joined the Primary Maths Science Specialist Program and have a part time specialist teacher dedicated to this vital work. The Maths Specialist leads our weekly PLC meetings, delivers professional learning, guides teaching practice, coaches staff, moderates assessment and develops curriculum in collaboration with teachers. Our focus in 2023 has been around developing a Numeracy Instructional Model, a Curriculum Scope and Sequence and assessment tools. 

‘For students to become numerate, concepts need to be experienced, strategies need to be scaffolded, and everything needs to be discussed for them to learn with understanding.’ (Siemon 2009 (PDF 186.6KB))

Di Siemon, determines the concepts of ‘trusting the count’, ‘place value’, ‘multiplicative thinking’, ‘partitioning’, ‘proportional reasoning’, and ‘generalising’ are checkpoints in number sense each student is required to pass through before progressing further in mathematics. These guide our teaching, as we focus on the elements within curriculum planning, assessment, teaching and learning.