Health, Physical Education & Sport

Students participate in Physical Education each week (either with our PE specialist or their classroom teacher), with dedicated hours as determined by the VCAA. Students also participate in interschool sporting competitions against similar sized schools- Dartmoor and Bolwarra; which includes athletics, cross country and the winter series sports competition. 

Within the District we compete as part of the Rural team, with students from Dartmoor and Bolwarra Primary Schools. The sports included in these competitions include, tennis, swimming, athletics, cross country, tennis, winter series (football, soccer, T ball, and netball).

In 2022 the Rural Schools team won the Soccer Winter Series competition.

In 2023 the Rural team won the District Athletics. It was pretty exciting! 

In 2023 we joined with the other rural schools, Bolwarra and Dartmoor to compete in Netball and Football comps.


Curriculum content is guided by the Victorian Curriculum and taught by classroom teachers. Often this content is taught through themes, on a two year cycle, with topics integrated into activities.

Personal development is taught to senior students following DET curriculum annually. 

Sporting Schools program

We access additional experiences whenever possible through the Government’s Sporting Schools Funding program, which provides access to quality sports workshops after school hours. This enables us to experience a wide range of activities which might not be usually available, including gymnastics, football, hockey, soccer etc. These are led by accredited staff who specialise in each sporting field. 


In 2023 we enjoyed the Sporting Schools program- with AFL as our sport. It was awesome fun and we learn lots of skills over the term. Thanks to our coach Jamie! 


In Term 4, 2023 we were fortunate to have Cameron join us for Sporting Schools- Tennis. We learnt loads of skills, and our final lesson was held at the Narrawong Tennis Courts. So much fun!



In 2022 we enjoyed the STOMP Dance Company visiting for a week, culminating in a parent performance. Tabitha was awesome to work with!