Transition to School

We are proud of our extensive transition to school program which formally begins in Term 4. Students beginning school in the following year, are given multiple opportunities to engage with our school and all it has to offer. These sessions are timed around local kindergarten sessions to ensure your child is able to access at least four of the sessions. 

The first session is quite short as we work towards longer times in the classroom. We begin by getting to know each other, exploring, playing games and learning about the classroom and teacher. Following transition sessions build up to longer timeframes, and incorporate recess/ lunchtime and more formal classes and specialist sessions where possible. Students meet their Grade 5 buddies and complete activities with them throughout Term 4 and their first Foundation year. This encourages all students to have a sense of belonging and connection to our school. 

Please note: additional transition sessions can be provided, as we adapt to meet the needs of our students and their families. 

Transition Dates 2024 for Foundation 2025

For your child to be fully prepared, they will need to bring a hat, water bottle and snack.

NOTE: the Parent Information Booklet 2024 will provide up to date information. 

School Uniforms

Most items of our school uniform are purchased from the school office, including t shirts, jumpers, jackets, hats and school bags. Other items- school dresses (navy blue and white check), pants (navy blue) and shorts (navy blue) are purchased from shops such as Target or Best and Less. Our school colours are navy blue and teal. Please see the display at the office if you have any questions about this.